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We are running an instance of Harbor at Harbor is a container registry for uploading and downloading Docker images.

Resource Limits

As of this writing, each member is restricted to a project with a 25GB storage quota. Multiple images may be pushed to a project.

If you want more space, please send an email to syscom with a brief justification.

Logging in to the website

Just visit and press the 'Login via OIDC Provider' button.

Create a project

After you have logged in to Harbor, SSH into a CSC machine and run the following:

ceo registry project create
Now refresh the Harbor page; you should see a project whose name is your username. You are an admin of this project, so you can invite other Harbor users to it if you wish.

Logging in to the registry

From the Harbor UI, click the top left corner, click 'User Profile', and copy the CLI secret.

From your personal computer, login to the registry:

docker login
Use your CSC username for the username; use the CLI secret you copied earlier for the password.

Pushing an image

Once you have logged into the registry, you can start pushing your own images.

Let's say you have an image which you created locally called myimage:0.1.0. Create a new tag of your image for the CSC registry:

docker tag myimage:0.1.0
(Replace your_username with your actual username.)

Now push it:

docker push


Keep your Docker images small. This speeds up your upload time, and makes you less likely to reach your storage quota. Here are some good suggestions; you can find plenty more online with a quick Google search.